This is an abandoned summer school I found while I was on vacation to my home country. It's situated in Shabla, Bulgaria, literally 3 minutes from the beach and contains numerous bungalows. Last functioned probably late 90s.

Each of the bungalows used to have different purpose - some used for the students, for the teachers, dining room, kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, an outside sink, one bungalow with indoor games, a doctor’s cabinet and right next to it - an isolation bungalow used for kids who catch up a flu/cold during their stay, so that it doesn't spread around the whole group.

Back in the days in Bulgaria those summer and green schools were very popular. This is actually a small (around a week) vacation which teachers/schools organise for the pupils and students. There they have lessons, do games, practice exercises and connect with the nature. Great way of teaching the young generation about themselves and the world around them, keeping them socializing and connected with the natural environment in the same time.