The beauty of life

I had a maternity shoot this month with a gorgeous young lady I'm honoured to know for 7 years now. Becoming a Mother for first time, Ms Reed wanted something natural at a place she knows well. 


I decided to photograph her in her own home to record the last days before the new one arrives, celebrating the end of the old and welcoming the new chapter in their life. Knowing the house, helped me map down quickly where and how I see her. First pregnancy is extremely special moment at every woman's life, so I made sure she's relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole time. We were lucky to have an incredibly warm, English, sunny afternoon, where we had beautiful mixture of in and outdoor looks.


Not long after gorgeous Kitty was born. 

Published in Paul Wright's new book

I'm very happy to share with you my new publication. I've been working with Paul Wright on his new book by Thompson Gallery. The book is called "Paul Wright: Fifteen Years " and it's a celebration of their work together for the past 15 years.  

I'm so honoured and inspired to know and work with an artist and professional like Paul. It's has been an incredible experience for the past 6 years, starting from an university lecture and continuing as work collaboration. I'm looking forward for the many more years to come!  

The exhibition along with the book include new, old and unseen pieces of Paul's archive and it will be on from 9th to 25th of June 2016.