Mariya Rosenova Mileva is a portrait photographer who currently resides in the United Kingdom.

She was born and raised by the coast of the Black Sea – in Varna, Bulgaria, covered with sunlight and fed with home grown food from her grandparent’s farm. Mariya discovered her passion for photography while she was doing her economic high school education. In 2010 she moved to the UK, and three years later graduated Coventry University as Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in Photography.

Mariya has been tutored and collaborating with professionals like Jonathan Worth (NY/UK), Paul Wright (UK) and Graham Macindoe (NY). She is a translator of Phonar Nation, designed by the award-winning photographer and open education pioneer Jonathan Worth. Currently she's working side by side with the artist Paul Wright as a portrait photographer and storyteller.

Influenced by the beauty of human form, facial features and natural elements, Mariya enjoys creating and recording stories. She is inspired by romanticism, renaissance and madly passionate about dance. Being herself a dancer before, allows her to see both the beauty and the effort in the process, which keeps her focused in continuously capturing the precious movement.

Mariya is yoga and meditation hobbyist and travel explorer. She can be found under the nickname ‘mimchs’ and seen on an empty beach, staring at the horizon.


2016 - Paul Wright: Fifteen Years - Paul Wright, by Thompson's Gallery, London


March 2014 - Roots Gallery; Coventry, United Kingdom

June 2013 - FreeRange; London, United Kingdom

June 2013 - Strand Gallery; London, United Kingdom

May 2013 - Lanchester Gallery; Coventry, United Kingdom

March 2012 - Art Space; Coventry, United Kingdom

September 2009 - The Bridge of the Lovers; Sofia, Bulgaria