'Families, like all natural phenomena, can be unpredictable. Knowing them for years, living with them every day, we might come to think they follow certain rules or that we can predict their paths. But it’s difficult, frequently impossible. Sometimes storms blow in and turn our worlds upside-down, following some other chaotic order. Even then there can be moments of calm, of clarity. Moments where the emotional eye of the storm passes over us and we see everything in sharp relief. Everything in perfect focus.

This project begins in November 2011 and is a record of what was before, during and after the storm. A perfect storm caused by series of events, perhaps linked, perhaps not. It maps out the characters, locations and times: an affair, a mistake and a death. 

We’ve all seen storms, seen them happen to other people. We live in hope that they won’t happen to us, that they’ll blow past and touchdown on in someone else’s life. Families can be places to seek shelter at times like these, unless they become the storms themselves and rip our worlds apart from within.

When this happens they become unstoppable twisting us in a chaotic flow. We are too involved to see clearly, too weak to stop them. We exist without a hope of surviving and with no clear thoughts at all.

But then relief, sharp relief. The quiet of the eye of the storm? Or the benefit of distance and hindsight?‬

Sharp relief, everything in perfect focus.‬

Past, present, future all in one space.

Clarity. The eye of the storm.'

*As the project has been created to be authentically experienced in real life, the images below are a record of its presentation. A virtual detailed presentation is in process.

* * *

‘The Eye of the Storm’ is an extremely personal project, involving emotionally saturated period of my life. A statement I made as a daughter, an observer and an artist. Based on a true story.

Exhibited in Lanchester Gallery (Coventry, UK), Strand Gallery (London, UK) and FreeRange (London, UK)‬